Goldhen eggs aldi

I'm at a loss here Randy. I heard about the HUGE egg recall recently. Rose Hill Farms is listed as one of the culprits in the ecoli afdected egg recall.

As I understand the conditions for the hens are deplorable! I've already consumed 6 of the eggs with no adverse affects. Now What?

goldhen eggs aldi

I'll be calling Aldi I understand your concern since the recent April Salmonella braenderup outbreak which has made at least 23 people sick in 9 different states and has resulted in the recall of hundreds of millions of eggs has been conclusively linked to Rose Acre Farms.

The good news for you is that Rose Acre Farms, the second largest egg producer in the country, has a whole bunch of facilities in a variety of states. Previously in this series:.

Part 1 - Hipster Hen Wonder Eggs. This is part two in my series of posts where I labor to get to the bottom of all that information that covers those egg cartons that reside in our fridges. ALDI is a grocery store chain that started in Germany and lately has been expanding its presence in the United States.

The company website shows that the majority of its supermarkets are located on the East Coast but that they're also moving into the Midwest and California.

It is stylized but it the chicken is obviously standing on a grassy hill in the sunshine. Apparently egg companies like to present a bucolic image. What does that mean, exactly? In this day of backyard chickens, the freshest eggs may actually come from the coop in your urban backyard — far, far away from the nearest farm.

Of course raising hens on a commercial scale in the city is not practical, so these eggs no doubt came from a farm somewhere out in the country.

So how fresh are they? Were these eggs laid yesterday? Probably not. Like all grocery chains, ALDI puts its brand on a variety of food products sold in its stores. So they distribute the eggs.

So who produced the eggs? Chickens did, obviously. But who owns those chickens? Why are they being so secretive? According to information published last yearRose Acre Farms owns There are three million hens in that facility alone. What are battery cages?

By law, a hen only has to be given 67 square inches of floor space. A standard sheet of printer paper is What can she do? The air is filled with the stench and ammonia of accumulating manure, and the sounds of thousands of other chickens. It is common practice to cut off the end of battery caged hens' beaks.

The cage crowding compels the hens to peck each other a lot, so their beaks are "trimmed" without anesthesia to prevent pecking injuries.Next time you're looking for eggs, you might want to skip sourcing them from everyone's favorite standby bargain grocer — Aldi. Those are heavenly. That's nothing short of godly. We're talking about the hen-laid carton eggs that you buy on a weekly basis for your Sunday morning breakfast scrambles. Basically, even though Aldi is great for almost everything else, it's not a great idea to buy your eggs from Aldi these days — at least until Good on them.

That's no small thing, especially considering that, as ofaround 97 percent of all egg-laying hens in the U. ByAldi will be leading the way in the United States towards more humane food-sourcing policies. But until ? If you're going to buy Aldi, buy organic.

goldhen eggs aldi

Rose Acre Farms, unfortunately, does not have the best rap sheet. As Aldi Reviewer will tell youeven the cheaper eggs you'll find at Aldi are certified as "raised humanely. In the company went on public record trying to push back on California state regulations safeguarding animal rights.

Among other things, they lobbied to include ramps in the calculation of the amount "floor space" necessary to ensure that hens are not "confined in a cruel manner," and to limit the definition of an "egg-laying hen" to "sexually mature" chickens and not "any female domesticated chicken.

That particular undercover investigation led to a lawsuit, in which plaintiffs also called the company out for misleading imagery on its packaging and marketing "free-roaming" eggs, a label that doesn't even really apply to eggs.

More troubling still is that the unsanitary conditions that Rose Acre Farms has come under consistent scrutiny for in the last decade are not solely an animal rights issue. They could directly affect your health.

The FDA investigation? It wasn't random. Before we go any further, if you bought Aldi eggs inyou can breathe. The salmonella outbreak did not, apparently, infect eggs distributed to Aldi, which has probably as much to do with luck as anything else.

The CliffNotes are as follows. The outbreak infected 45 people who experienced diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps and led to 11 hospitalizations in 10 states. Among those hospitalized was Judy Roberts, a year-old, diabetic woman from Florida who filed a lawsuit against the company after getting so sick she could not get out of bed via the Indy Star.

In hindsight, the outbreak is hardly surprising. InABC News reported that eggs from cage-confined hens were 7. Martin, St. What's the moral of the story? Stay away from Aldi's Goldhen eggs just to be on the safe side, and untilmaybe opt for their Simply Nature, Cage-Free Organic eggs.

All rights reserved.Reader Trace bought a carton of eggs from the grocery store and saw this on the inside:.

goldhen eggs aldi

This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. If you find it, you get free eggs for a whole year. I love and will continue to purchase items from Forever 21 and In-N-Out.

Displaying Bible verses is fine by me, because they are privately owned companies. Christians would doubtless see no issue here, yet imagine what would happen if they opened a product to find a quotation from Islamic scripture.

So to get a preachy feeling from it at least for me you would have to find it first, then know what it is, then take the initiative to find the verse mentioned yourself to actually get any real religiosity from it.

A for wether you should stop buying from them, I would say no. If I knew ahead of time I would not make the purchase and shop elsewhere even if I had to pay more for the same product. My actions would probably just be an ineffective miniscule drop in a very big ocean but I will not contribute to the spread of religion.

Not if I can help it. And yes, this complicates my life considerably. I call it worth the effort. But hey, profit is at stake. I agree with A Portlander, private or not, if they are going to publicly identify themselves as a Christian organization, or a business that supports Christian agendas and world views, then they are fair game for criticism and boycotts. If the same company put Islamic slogans on their products Christians would be outraged.

Delusional beliefs in magic sky daddies need to be kept at home, not brought out in public. When they are, they deserve a sound thrashing in the public square. They are also saying that they are so deluded that they think you should be force fed scriptures. You should be wondering exactly what OTHER delusional thinking goes on where these eggs are grown and packaged!!! Are they treating the eggs for diseases with prayer?

Have they been sprinkled with holy water? Do they spend any of their profits on support of whackjobs that want to teach ID in the science classroom?

Boycott them. There are plenty of other places to get eggs. Well, I love me some Chik-fil-a. And deal with the not getting it on sunday and other crap. There are no Christian eggs. There are no Christian chickens. But there are Christian people that sell eggs. Personally, I thought it was funny because it seemed so random. Any business that advertises for Jesus is funnelling some of that money into a church of some description. I avoid buying from them because of that … somewhere down the line somebody is making a tax free profit off my purchase.

The question is not about buying from Christians, or Christian ownership at all. And the burgers are ohh so delicious. I see both sides. Sometimes, it gets annoying. I finally had about enough of Chik-Fil-A after my last trip there.

They had Christian music blaring through the speakers.Grocery delivery or pickup questions? Please visit shop. Enter your zip code to see if we deliver to your area. Visit Shop. Choose from s of fresh items, your everyday essentials, or try something new!

How does the Goldhen company treat its layer hens?

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Store Locator. Community Giving. Product Recalls. Contact Us. Mobile App. Grocery Delivery. Grocery Pickup. Our Weekly Ads. Shop with grocery delivery. US You can shop from the couch or while on the go.I'd like to know how the Goldhen company treats its layer hens. Stuff like if they're caged and what they're are fed and if they are fed enough. A link to a website would do too.

Goldhen does not sell any eggs which are labeled "cage-free," "free-range," "nesting," "organic," "free-roaming" or any of the other terms used to indicate that the eggs might not have come from the disease ridden and ethically appalling conditions of battery caged hens. I would not purchase them. However "cage free" may have different meanings and may not be free range. Just bought my first and last dozen Goldhen eggs from Aldi thinking that the United Egg Producers Certified label meant they were raised humanely.

NOT SO!! Aldi does not have its own farms but gets its eggs from probably factory farms. The UEP certification is meaningless. Most of the U. The certification prohibits forced molting through starvation but allows beak cutting. Third-party auditing verifies compliance. Each hen has 0. Restricting hens to these barren battery cages prevents them from perching, nesting, foraging and even spreading their wings.

Goldhen is just an Aldi brand, so I doubt they own any egg farms directly. It is more likely they buy eggs from other corporations and rebadge them under the Goldhen brand. If your country has relevent labelling laws it should say whether they are caged or uncaged on the packaging. You'd have to ask Aldi directly for more specific info on what they are selling in your region. Trending News.Expand Menu Collapse Menu Baby.

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You should never buy eggs from Aldi. Here's why

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Aldi’s Christian Eggs

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