W205 p0101

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This entry was posted on August 21, by Alice Smith. Ever started up your Mercedes and wondered what the P error code means? The MAF sensor also known as meter is located after the air filter, in the engine intake. It measures the amount of air that enters the engine via the throttle valve.

Mass air flow sensor takes the form of a heated film through which an electric current passes from your car's Engine Control Module ECMwhich helps to control its temperature. The intake air reduces the heat of this film, so in instances of greater airflow, the ECM needs to generate more electric current to stabilise the MAF's temperature.

w205 p0101

Your dashboard will display the P error code when your car's diagnostics note that the frequency readings from the MAF sensor are outside of its expected range. The most common causes of the P error code include a dirty or clogged air filter, a cracked or damaged air intake, or even the MAF sensor itself being contaminated or damaged.

w205 p0101

There are a number of signs that there might be problems with your Mercedes' MAF sensor. These include loss of engine power, bad gear shifting - changing gears only at high RPM, the engine stalling after starting, hesitation and jerking during acceleration, the engine hiccuping, or excessively rich or lean idling.

Cleaning MAF and Throttle Body on a Mercedes-Benz 2008 - 2014 C300 and C350 (W204)

However, this is an issue that can be prevented before it starts. Ensure that your filter is always dust-free, dirt-free and oil-free to make sure the filter is effective.

It's essential that you do your best to prevent a bad MAF sensor, as it can cause automatic transmission problems by changing the shifting pattern. It can also lead to a fault in your car's engine computer not recognising your correct fuel level, which is why you may find your Check or Service Engine light starts blinking. Whilst this has been a quick and simple guide to resolving your Mercedes Benz P issues, they can be avoided entirely by keeping your car serviced and looked after by professionals.

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w205 p0101

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Mercedes-Benz Complete DTC Code List – 2018

What does Mercedes Benz P error code mean and how can you fix it? What are the main causes? Tips on preventing the P error code Ensure that your filter is always dust-free, dirt-free and oil-free to make sure the filter is effective.

Can problems with the MAF sensor cause transmission problems? Information About us Contact us Reviews Blog. Real Reviews. All Rights Reserved.This can happen for multiple reasons and a mechanic needs to diagnose the specific cause for this code to be triggered in your situation. Our certified mobile mechanics can come to your home or office to perform the Check Engine Light diagnostic.

The P diagnostic trouble code indicates that the nitrogen oxide NOx sensor circuit is out of range or has a performance issue. The purpose of the NOx sensor is to measure the amount of nitric oxide and nitrogen oxide in the exhaust system, and when the storage capacity of these harmful gases has been reached. When the NOx sensor indicates that the storage capacity has been reached, the regeneration phase is initiated by the fueling management system. Vehicle manufacturers predetermine the appropriate levels of NOx gases that should be present in the fuel management system.

The NOx sensor monitors these levels. It is important to note that several drive cycles may be necessary before the Check Engine Light will come on. Inspects the wiring going to the NOx sensor for shorts or opens in the wiring harness damaged wiring should be repaired or replaced.

P2201 OBD-II Trouble Code: NOx Sensor Circuit Range/Performance Bank 1

Failing to check if this code is under a TSB and allowing the dealer to make repairs if the P trouble code is under warranty. The P trouble code does not cause driveability problems. However, operating a vehicle while this trouble code is stored in the ECM will allow harmful gases to be emitted into the environment, and damage to other components of the engine is possible.

It is important to have this trouble code diagnosed and repaired without allowing an extended period of time to pass. It is often necessary to have this issue repaired by the dealer or by reprogramming the ECM. It is important to first check to see if the repair for this trouble code is covered by warranty before replacing any parts.

Keep in mind that it is possible for this issue to be resolved by simply updating the ECM. YourMechanic offers certified mechanics who will come to your home or office to diagnose and repair your vehicle. Get a quote and book an appointment online or speak to a service advisor at With YourMechanic you can skip the auto shop altogether.

They send certified and screened mechanics straight to your door and enable you to save big on car repair and maintenance. Cost of diagnosing the P code. No more waiting rooms! Our mechanics will come to you to diagnose and fix the P code. Recent Check Engine Light is on Inspection reviews. Excellent Rating. Average Rating 4. Number of Reviews 5, Rating Summary. Johnathon 8 years of experience. Request Johnathon.

Johnathon was on time and was very knowledgeable. Going to use in future. Travis 12 years of experience. Request Travis. Fair, honest, punctual, and knowledgeable. I was also to get back up and running for less than I thought.Mercedes builds some of the most advanced vehicles on the road. When anything goes wrong, your Mercedes registers the error or deviation and produces a fault code. You should always take these warning lights on your dash seriously and immediately bring your car or sprinter to a Mercedes specialist repair shop such as Burdi Motorworks here in Chicago whenever a warning light comes on.

In some cases, there might be a simple fix such as correcting a low fluid level, tightening your gas cap or cleaning a sensorwhile in other cases your Mercedes may require additional service or repairs.

Make an Appointment Today. In newer Mercedes models, the fault code will trigger a dash light or error message, alerting you to get your Mercedes inspected and diagnosed. Thanks to the error codes recorded by your onboard computer, our trained technicians can quickly determine what is wrong. When you bring your vehicle to us, we start by hooking our diagnostic equipment up to your ODB-II port and reading all registered error codes. While all automakers use a common language for error codes, each one has specific definitions.

Our experienced technicians can read all of your error codes both current and previous and plan the necessary service to get your Mercedes running perfectly again.

We can also reset error codes and see if they come on again, which can be a sign that a temporary problem has been fixed such as low oil, bad gas or dirty sensors or that a problem is intermittent and appears again after a short time. All of this error code information points us to the root cause of your Mercedes issues and guides us to the right repairs. We only do what is necessary and always get your approval before starting service. We invite you to visit our facility in Schiller Park to talk to us in person.

You can also contact us online or by phone to schedule a service appointment. Our experienced team will do what it takes to get your Mercedes or Sprinter back where it belongs: on the road!

I check the fault code and fuse number in web but I could not find it. Hi My ML Bluetec goes into limp mode and not drive able over 30 mph. But immediately after the first start if I turn of and remove the key and then restart, the car runs normal. However there is an error code P I had performed an oil cooler seal replacement and then put everything back in order when this error code turned up.

I am from Massachusetts and cannot come to Illinois. Since I bumped into your wonderful and informative website, I will appreciate if your service team could go a step further and advice me on how to fix this issue DIY. I live in las vegas nevada and no one can figure this code out on my Sl I realize you are a business but if you can point me in the right direction i would be so appreciative.

Pls help tq. Quinn Winter says: October 30th, at am I live in las vegas nevada and no one can figure this code out on my Sl Thank you! What does that mean? Albert says: January 7th, at pm my car cruise control does not work Sally Woodars says: January 20th, at pm What does mean?

The internal seal in the waterpump gives way and allows coolant antifreeze to enter the vacuum system. The vacuum system operates with the engine running.

P0101 -64 MAF error. bad signal.

As the vehicle is driven the vacuum is so powerful it pulls coolant antifreeeze deeper into the vacuum system causing havoc on the entire vacuum system. Over time several thousand miles k miles the inside of the intake manifolds get clogged with EGR soot, buildup causing the intake swirl flaps to stick.

w205 p0101

The sticking or binding of these flaps then binds the motor which causes the check engine light and or a sever loss of acceleration. PTS Parktronic: A42b1 left outer sensor, front bumper The plug connection has poor contact or is loose, or the sensor or cable is faulty.The W stopped production inwhich is a seven year run since The Mercedes W came in a saloon, estate and coupe variants with the majority of engines available in all formats.

The W was the company car of choice by many companies, with the impressive MPG and emission figures coming from the efficient 4 cylinder diesel models. The C63 AMG version of the W is probably the most popular Mercedes to date that is attracted by both the young and older generation of drivers around the world. The C Class already looks great, but with a few tweaks you can transform the W into an aggressive Mercedes with big road presence.

Popular modifications are to the grill, such as the this black finished grill with chrome slat found on current C63 Models. Also, colour coded mudflaps are a great upgrade to the W that reduce spray but more importantly look great. Keep up to date by checking vosa. Overall, the W was a step ahead from the previous C Class W and has many high reviews regarding reliability.

With over models, you have a vast selection, which you can view here. Toggle navigation. Related Posts. Facts and Figures. Find Garage. Contact Us.The mass air flow sensor MAF is used to measure the amount and temperature of air that is entering the engine at any one time.

The MAF also incorporates an internal intake air temperature sensor which measures the temperature of the intake air. The first indicator that you might have a problem with the MAF is the presence of a check engine light CEL on your dashboard. The check engine lamp can be caused by a wide variety of problems with the engine: you need to read the codes from the computer to get a starting clue as to what the problem is. However, the engine will not be operating at peak efficiency, and you will most likely experience a loss in power and a decrease in gas mileage as a result.

It's best to get the problem taken care of relatively quickly, as running the engine in this condition can potentially cause damage to other components like the catalytic converters. Vacuum leaks and other air leaks in the system can cause MAF sensor errors. If you have a crack or leak in your air intake downstream of the sensor, then the MAF will be sensing less air than the engine is actually receiving.

You should carefully inspect all of your hoses, clamps and intake tubes for air leaks prior to replacing the sensor. You will need to remove the engine covers and air intake ducts to perform this work. Please see our article on replacing your air filters. The new MAF comes complete in the air body housing so you will have to remove the complete housing to replace it.

This article also shows you how to remove the sensor from the housing to clean it. Make sure you only clean it with MAF sensor cleaner and that you never touch the sensor face with anything or you will destroy it. With the air filter covers off you can see the MAF sensor housing at the rear of the engine red arrow along with the harness yellow arrow.

Large Image Extra-Large Image. Disconnect the harness red arrow by squeezing the two clips together and pulling it from the housing. Use a flat head screw driver and release the clip red arrow that holds the sensor housing to the intake manifold yellow arrows.

Slip the mount off the housing. Here you can see the center clip red arrow and the clips that hold it to the manifold yellow arrows. Wiggle the housing off the end of the throttle body. You will have to disconnect the breather tube red arrow to remove it from the engine.Hoping to reach out to some of the Mercedes techs here for some knowledge prior to committing to a strip-down:.

Got a recurring fault code see attached that causes the engine malfunction lamp to active No limp mode. P clears but will returns after a number of days drivability reported to be unaffected by customer. I wonder if there is a discrete air leak or intake issue causing the noted DTC to flag. Some history: vehicle has had a new dpf and pressure sensor fitted for previous hard faults excessive exhaust pressure and permanent electrical fault in differential pressure sensor - all adaptations reset etc upon renewal - no related faults have returned.

Thanks Kevin, very good of you to reply. Perhaps you may know, is there a technical bulletin released on this issue? Legend Air filter element with filter screen Further procedure Replace installed air filter element with air filter element with filter screen part number A … Note A new software version is available and can be installed.

Programming of the control…. Very helpful, thank you Kevin I note the the literature you attached pertains to DTC P Yes I think so mercedes do not actually include that code but they are not that precise with the suggestd codes so I would do that first? If that makes sense. May i also add possible air filter soiling or other similar bad condition? Give it a shot IMHO. Great, thank you Paul. Car is booked in with us for later this month. Will let you know how it goes.

Thanks again Kevin and Paul - massive help. Cheers fae Scotland Info Topics User Groups. Hi guys, Hoping to reach out to some of the Mercedes techs here for some knowledge prior to committing to a strip-down: Was struggling to set vehicle details in field above so please find below Look forward to all thoughts and replies.

W251 Bluetec Po101 code

Thank you in advance. Cheers, Adam.Log in or Sign up. Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Learn More. Guys Dug the CL out of retirement and took for a run. Kicked it down and as it accelerated I lost all throttle response and cruised to a halt. Check engine light came on. Turned off and restarted. All gears come back but light stays on. Drove home steadily but seems to have a flat spot when pulling away drives fine Put cheap code reader on and getting code P Reset it and light came back on immediately.

Cleared it again and light stayed off and car flies!! Quite possibly the best it's ever driven But, still has this flat spot as you pull off upto about rpm. Is it worth cleaning the MAF sensor with contact cleaner? Can it even be cleaned? Or is it new one all the way? Would dirty sensor cause the flat spot? There has been a very very slight miss on Tickover for a while.

Not bad but I was considering throwing set of plugs in. Cheers guys!

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